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Tarot Readings from Greek Mythology

Welcome to your future!

Ask your questions and receive your answers in the tradition of the Delphic oracles of Apollo.

I have 25 years experience in helping people follow the way and now, through the power of the internet, I'm here for you.

Each reading is done by hand and personally read by me; not drawn by a random number generator, so you get the most customized reading you will find via a website. You will receive your personalized reading by email. I have hundreds of clients per day, so you may not receive your reading instantly, but the reading you get will be worth it.

How to Make the Most of Your Tarot Reading

Before requesting a reading, it helps to:

  • formulate a question
  • identify an aspect or area of your life where you need some illumination, or
  • simply focus on a given situation with the intent of finding a solution/resolution/change to that situation

Once you have it fixed in your mind what you are seeking information on, choose the reading that you wish to receive. There are 5 different readings to choose from. Look through the options and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Remember to include your email address as part of your order

Tips for Getting A Mythical Reading

Quite possibly, the most difficult part of consulting any oracle is asking the right question(s). These are the best suggestions I can give:

  1. Fix in your mind which area of your life needs clarification using the instructions above
  2. Begin forming an open-ended question
    • Avoid "yes/no", "right/wrong" or "positive/negative" type questions
    • Seek an answer relating to change, outcomes or descriptive results
  3. Write your question down and read it back, aloud

This method will work for virtually any of the readings offered through this site. While the Apollo Card and the Celtic Cross readings don't really require a question, asking a question for those readings is perfectly alright.

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By way of providing an example of the type and quality of reading that I provide, I will be posting an Apollo card reading performed for either myself or my spouse as often as possible (possibly daily, but at the least weekly)

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