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This blog is a record of Apollo card readings done for myself or my wife or both of us. The Apollo card is a single card drawn to give one an idea on what to expect from the day ahead or as an indicator of what lessons were presented to one at the end of the day, depending on when the card is drawn from the deck.

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A short post today 1/14/2014

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Again I have drawn Judgement as my Apollo card for today. As was pointed out the last time I drew this card, I am entering a period of "summing up" or reaping what I sow. It is now on my shoulders to realize what it is I have been doing and how I have created the future that awaits me. Mind, the reward is not always a pleasant one, especially in one who has been evasive, deceptive or has not acted with integrity. I am now answerable for the journey that I have been on. Whatever the goal was o...

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My first reading for 2014

Posted on January 6, 2014 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Today's Apollo card takes us once again into the tragic tale of Orestes and the Curse of the House of Atrius. The Four of Swords shows us Orestes in "exile" in a posture of contemplation. He is now aware of the conflict between his parents, but is oblivious of where that conflict is heading. He is now able to reflect on his part in the conflict by withdrawing inward for serious introspection. The discontent in his life is the parental conflict that he refused to take a stand in or even acknow...

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Christmas Eve Double Reading

Posted on December 24, 2013 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)

For Christmas Eve, another couples reading. For my wife, we step once more into the story of Orestes and the curse of the House of Atrius. The Two of Swords enters the story of Orestes at a point where there are tensions between Orestes parents, and Orestes is unwilling to confront the situation. In the previous post regarding the suit of swords, we learned that King Agememnon offended the Goddess Hecate and was requird to sacrifice his own daughter on her alter. For this, Queen Clytemnestra ...

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The Demon Within

Posted on December 22, 2013 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Today we are introduced to the god Pan, son of Hermes and a nymph named Dryope, in the card of The Devil. Pan came into the world with a beard, goat legs, horns and hair on most of his body. He was the original satyr. His mother was so repulsed by him when he was born that she ran away in fright. Hermes, on the other hand, took him to Olympus for the amusement of the gods. Pan lived in the woods and pastures of Arcadia. While not exactly evil, he was still feared and loathed due to his "unciv...

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Apollo Card for Dec 19th

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Today's card for me is The Fool. The Fool is the first card of the major arcana and therefore the first step on the journey of inner development. It is aptly represented here by the mysterious god Dionysos, the Twice-Born. Here we meet yet another child of Zeus and a mortal woman, Semele princess of Thebes. Hera was not pleased to discover that Zeus had fathered yet another child so she disguised herself as a nursemaid and convinced Semele to ask her unborn child's father to present himself t...

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Dec 16th Apollo Card

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Anyone who has ever read (and enjoyed) reading the Odyssey will appreciate today's card. The card drawn is the Queen of Wands, symbolized by Penelope, wife of Odysseus. Odysseus was one of the heros that took part in the Trojan war. It was Odysseus that blinded the cyclops and, due to his arrogance, spent 10 years wandering the earth trying to get home again, after spending 10 years taking part in the seige of Troy. Under the rule of Odysseus and Penelope before the start of the Trojan war, I...

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Apollo card for Friday the 13th

Posted on December 13, 2013 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I have another double reading: one for me and one for my wife. Oddly enough, even though the deck was shuffled several times, we drew sequential cards. I drew the Knight of Cups and she drew the Queen of Cups. Amazing how in sync we are sometimes.

Unlike the first ten cards of a suit, the court cards deal with specific people from Greek mythology that embody a specific life stage of the underlying meaning of the suit that they belong to. The suit of Cups deals primarily with the e...

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Dec 12th - Double Apollo Readings

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Today there are two readings. One for me, the second for my spouse. The card I drew is Judgement. My wife drew The Emporer. Both cards belong to the major arcana which provides us with a look at the path of life that each of us must go through. The first card in the major arcana is The Fool. The rest of the major arcana show us different stages of the Fool's journey through life, which can be associated to any single journey that one makes in life: the loves, conflicts and rebellions of adole...

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December 3rd Apollo card

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Here we learn the story of Psyche and Eros. Psyche was a mortal woman who was so beautiful, even the goddess Aphrodite was jealous of her. Aphrodite ordered Eros (the God of Love and her son) to punish the mortal woman for her audacity. Psyche's father received a threat of terrible calamity that could only be avoided by placing his daughter on a lonely rock where she would become the prey of a monster. Eros was so awed by the girl's beauty that he accidentally pricked himself with one of his ...

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Dec 2nd Apollo card

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Today's card is the Five of Pentacles. Here in the suit of Pentacles we learn the story of Daedalus. Fittingly, the suit of Pentacles deals with material reality (symbolized as coins.) Daedalus was a master craftsman that was reputed to have been trained by Athene herself. He is credited with the invention of the saw and the axe. While he was very good at what he did, his nephew, Talos, was starting to do smith work and he was better than Daedalus. At a very young age the boy invented the pot...

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