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December 3rd Apollo card

Posted on December 3, 2013 at 5:05 PM

Here we learn the story of Psyche and Eros. Psyche was a mortal woman who was so beautiful, even the goddess Aphrodite was jealous of her. Aphrodite ordered Eros (the God of Love and her son) to punish the mortal woman for her audacity. Psyche's father received a threat of terrible calamity that could only be avoided by placing his daughter on a lonely rock where she would become the prey of a monster. Eros was so awed by the girl's beauty that he accidentally pricked himself with one of his own arrows (think "cupid" and you'll have a close approximation of who Eros is) falling instantly and hopelessly in love with Psyche. Psyche, waiting for her impending doom, instead felt herself lifted up by a strange wind and deposited in a palace. When night fell, she was visited by Eros, who explained that he was the husband she was fated for. After consumating their marriage Eros made Psyche promise to never try to see his face. She promised and he departed just before dawn. Life was very good for Psyche for a while. The palace was luxurious and she wanted for nothing. Each night her mysterious husband would join her, but he would depart before dawn so that she would not be able to see him in the light. Psyche's sisters, however, became so envious of her new life that they planted the first seeds of doubt in her mind. They even went so far as to suggest that her new husband must be some sort of hideous monster to want to hide his face from her. They kept up with this until finally, Psyche resolved to get a good look at her husband's face. That night, while he slept, she slipped from the bed and very quietly lit a lamp. Then she saw, not the face of some hideous monster, but the God of Love himself. As confirmation of his identity, at the foot of their bed, were his bow and quiver of enchanted arrows. She stumbled back, simultaneously dripping a drop of the hot oil from her lamp onto Eros' bare shoulder, and stepping on the point of one of his magical arrows, instantly falling in love with the "man" that she had accepted as her husband. Eros, awakened by the hot oil, immediately fled the palace. As he left the entire palace also vanished leaving Psyche alone on the lonely rock. Psyche was so depressed and full of so much regret for her doubts that she threw herself into a nearby river. Her suicide was thwarted, however by the water itself which bore her lightly to the far shore. At that point she began a quest to find her husband. Aphrodite's anger and jealousy pursued her through all the lands she visited, subjecting her to an endless series of ordeals. Psyche was able to overcome each trial, no matter how terrible, with the assistance of all manner of animals, insects and plants. It seemed that all of nature was supporting her in her quest. Finally, one of her ordeals required her to descend into the underworld, where no living mortal was allowed to go. Eros, who never stopped loving or protecting his bride throughout all of her terrible trials, was so touched by her desire to repent, approached Zeus and begged to be reunited with his bride. Zeus was so moved by Eros impassioned plea that he not only gave his permission, but he granted Psyche immortality so that she might join her husband in Olympus, where they were wed a second time. Aphrodite got over her jealousy and anger and accepted Psyche into the family of Gods.


The Nine of Cups comes in close to the end of this story. This is the final reunion of Psyche and Eros and symbolizes their second marriage in Olympus. It represents the fulfillment of a cherished wish and all the pleasure and satisfaction that brings. All of the trials and tribulations have come to fruition and one's commitment has been rewarded. This ecstatic moment of fulfillment has been truly earned by the steady inner commitment of Psyche.

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