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Dec 12th - Double Apollo Readings

Posted on December 12, 2013 at 5:45 PM

Today there are two readings. One for me, the second for my spouse. The card I drew is Judgement. My wife drew The Emporer. Both cards belong to the major arcana which provides us with a look at the path of life that each of us must go through. The first card in the major arcana is The Fool. The rest of the major arcana show us different stages of the Fool's journey through life, which can be associated to any single journey that one makes in life: the loves, conflicts and rebellions of adolescence through the trials and ethical & moral challenges of maturity, through loss and crisis, despair and transformation and the awakening of new hope, toward eventual victory and achievement of the goal, which then leads to another stage of life and another journey where the fool must come out of his cave and begin again.

Each goal or project that one takes on is a seperate journey and therefore goes through all the stages outlined in the major arcana. One gives birth to ideas through creativity, experience and intellect. The ideas that are pursued are the journeys that we make. Whether the goal deals with improving one's mind, creating something artistic, finding a partner or even building an empire, each aspect of the major arcana comes into play along the journey.

For me, the card of Judgement puts me close to the end of a goal or project. This is the stage where one finally reaps what they have sown. Judgement brings us, once again, face to face with Hermes. The second card of the major arcana introduced us to Hermes as the Magician. There we are presented with the crossroads of life where we choose what path to follow through the Fool's inner guide. Here we find out where that path has finally led. We are introduced to Hermes' other job: the Summoner who leads the souls of the dead to their accounting and prepares them for renewed life. This card can be explained as a "summing-up" or simple "rewards for efforts made." However, there is also a deeper reference to "Judgement" in that all of the Fool's efforts are taken into account, because the judge is none other than the Fool him/herself. Science has shown that the conscious mind catalogues about 8 bits of information at any given moment, while the subconscious mind catalogues about 8 billion bits of information at the same time. It can safely be said that nothing escapes the notice of the subconscious, so who better to judge the efforts of an indvidual than the individual themself. While we are able to lie, trick or manipulate others, we are completely incapable of "fooling" our own subconscious. At the end of any journey, our rewards (or punishments) are handed to us from our own subconscious. If the journey is to start a business, but one does so using deception, political manipulation or any form of unethical or even immoral actions, the "reward" will most likely result in some form of self sabotage before the dreams can come to fruition. However, if the same person acts in a manner keeping with their own conscience, ethics, morals and integrity, then their reward is more likely to come in the form of either a successful business or a business opportunity that surpasses what they had earlier planned. Thus we reach the next to the last stage of development on whatever path we are walking. The last card of the major arcana is the final step on the path, and also the first step of a new path: coming back to the beginning and starting anew: The World.

My wife's card (The Emporer) is the fourth card in the series. Here we are introduced to Zeus, the king or ruler of the Greek gods. Zeus was the sixth child of the titans Cronos and Rhea. Cronos received a prophecy that one of his sons would overthrow him. To thwart the prophecy Cronos would swallow whole any child that Rhea bore him. When Rhea knew a sixth child was on the way she fled in secret to Arcadia and there gave birth to Zeus. She then wrapped a stone in a blanket and presented it to her husband as his child. Predictably, Cronos snatched the stone and swallowed it whole. When Zeus matured to manhood he traveled to his home disguised as a cupbearer. He gave Cronos a potion that made him violently ill, thus releasing all five of the children that Cronos had swallowed, completely unharmed, and one stone. With the help of his siblings Zeus was then able to bring about the prophecy and overthrow Cronos.

Zeus embodies the figure of the father principle in each of us. He founded the home of the gods on Olympus and used thunder and lightning as his symbols. He also fathered many of the other Greek gods, like Athene and the nine Muses. He was the protector of men, god of the hearth and of friendship. For the purposes of walking the path of life, here is the stage where the Fool is challenged to create something or make something manifest in the world. This can be a creative idea that is made physical, the founding of a home and/or family. The Fool is expected to "do" something in the world with the resources at his disposal using his own ethics, morals and integrity that he has so far developed for himself. This allows the Fool to continue on the path with surety and strength of character as a creator of something worthy of their internal father figure.

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