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Christmas Eve Double Reading

Posted on December 24, 2013 at 8:30 PM

For Christmas Eve, another couples reading. For my wife, we step once more into the story of Orestes and the curse of the House of Atrius. The Two of Swords enters the story of Orestes at a point where there are tensions between Orestes parents, and Orestes is unwilling to confront the situation. In the previous post regarding the suit of swords, we learned that King Agememnon offended the Goddess Hecate and was requird to sacrifice his own daughter on her alter. For this, Queen Clytemnestra has taken a lover and plotted to kill her husband when he returns from sacking Troy. Here we find a symbolic representation of that conflict. Orestes parents are heading toward a clash of arms and Orestes is paralysed from fear of disrupting the "status quo." Nevermind that the status quo is disintegrating on it's own. Forget the fact that this is all happening regardless of his actions or inactions in this case. That is because the situation is the calm before the storm. The energy has built to a head and is ready to erupt. Orestes part in this situation is one of denial and voluntary blindness to the impending doom.


The message here is to become aware of one's refusal to face an impending situation of danger or conflict. Regardless of our wishes the status quo will be disrupted. The more we let the tensions build and the more we try to ignore the situation, the more destructive the end result. In the story of Orestes, his sister, both of his parents and his mother's lover all die and Orestes himself is driven mad almost to his own death before the curse ends. We are given the opportunity here to focus our energies on resolving the situation, rather then trying to let it resolve itself. If we apply our own mind to a problem, no matter how explosive or dangerous, we can either protect our loved ones from annihilation by lessening the blast or even defusing the situation all together or, at the very least, redirect that energy into a more constructive path. A modern analogy is the use of robots to either defuse or contain explosive blasts to protect the public from harm. It was through the application of human intellect that these tools came about. Instead of ignoring the situation (that isn't about to go away) it is far more constructive to apply your mind to the task at hand and find a solution.


My Apollo card takes us back to the story of Psyche and Eros. To recap, Psyche was to be sacrificed to a sea monster, but Eros fell in love with her and took her to his palace and presented himself under cover of night as her new husband. He promised her all that her heart might desire so long as she never try to see his face. While Psyche lived in Eros' palace she wanted for nothing. Each night he would visit her, but he would be gone by dawn. Psyche's sisters convinced her that he must be some kind of hideous monster to hide himself so. Psyche broke her promise by lighting a lantern while Eros slept so she could see his face. For this betrayel Eros fled from their bed, the palace disappeared and Psyche found herself standing on the lonely rock where Eros found her.


This card portrays Psyche in the palace of Eros being visited by her sisters. The Four of each suit deals with divine discontent, so it is with Psyche. Despite the fact that she wants for nothing in her world, the seed of discontent is here being planted by her jealous sisters. However it should be noted that a seed will not grow unless it is planted in fertile soil. Something within Psyche is already telling her that all is not right with her new husband. It is this tiny bit of suspicion that her sisters build on. A different analogy to apply to this concept is that of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, each speaking in a separate ear and each trying to guide our path, except the angel in Psyche's case appears to be on vacation and has been replaced with another devil. Also in this case, while the surface reveals petty jealousy on the part of the sisters, there is a deeper level to our emotional dealings with others. One must explore the full depths of the potential of their emotions and relationships. It is only through this exploration that we can discover the full potential of not only our relations with others, but the depths of our own emotions are revealed to us. We are put on notice to perform this deeper examination of our relations. This is not an easy path, but the rewards more than justify traversing it. All of our previous assumptions and fantasies need to be scrutinized with honesty and an open heart, for growth of not only the self, but the relationship as a whole.

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