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My first reading for 2014

Posted on January 6, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Today's Apollo card takes us once again into the tragic tale of Orestes and the Curse of the House of Atrius. The Four of Swords shows us Orestes in "exile" in a posture of contemplation. He is now aware of the conflict between his parents, but is oblivious of where that conflict is heading. He is now able to reflect on his part in the conflict by withdrawing inward for serious introspection. The discontent in his life is the parental conflict that he refused to take a stand in or even acknowledge. Now he finds himself looking more closely at himself and figuring out where to go from here. Changes need to be made in order for him to progress on his path, but one must first take a good look at oneself to determine what changes to make. Also note that at this point, his father has just been slain, but Orestes has not yet received the command from Apollo to avenge his father's murder. He is using his banishment constructively; to look inside himself and figure out his part in the conflict of his parents and also to build up his strength for the future efforts needed for growth.


For this card I have a story from a reading I gave to someone else many years ago. A mutual friend referred this person to me for a reading because he found himself with more questions than answers about something he was working on at the time. I gave him a full 10-card celtic cross reading which ended with the Four of Swords in the position of "Final Outcome." What I didn't know was that the "project" this person was working on was something illegal. He took the meaning of this card as a warning that the end result of this endeavor would be jail time. He backed out of it, and disassociated himself with anyone that was involved. He made the decision then to change his life, keep to the straight and narrow and avoid all contact with anyone that he knew of that were involved in less-than-honest dealings. Shortly after making that decision the group of people that he was working with were all arrested. They had been under surveillance the entire time and were on the receiving end of a police sting. The recipient of the reading/warning took this as a "sign" that the allure of fast money was not worth the risks involved. To my knowledge he never again succombed to the temptation to bend or break the rules to make a quick buck.


For myself, I often find that a period of introspection does wonders for helping me find where I may have strayed from my true path. It also shows me what I need to do to get back on my path from where I am. Finally, it allows me to replenish my inner reserves for taking on the obstacles that present themselves in my awareness.

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